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Happy new year 2014!



10 Years of Tokyo Japanese Restaurant!

In the 23th of August, Tokyo Japanese Restaurant offers the Sushi & Japanese Food Lovers 50 % discount! Reservations: 0753 070 000.



In the spring of 2013, Tokyo Japanese Restaurant participated at “World Sushi Cup”. Our awards: “Gold Sushi Award – presented by Chiba Kogyo Bank” and “Gold Sushi Restaurant Award – presented by Norwegian Seafood Council”.


It was an opportunity to us to participate at “World Sushi Cup 2013”, to know and to see sushi chefs from other countries.

The contest had two parts : individual competition and restaurant competition. At the first one, our sushi represented the way between winter and spring, introducing the idea of “beginning”. At the restaurant competition, “Dracula Roll” was the surprise of Tokyo Japanese Restaurant, because it was a sushi made not only in Japan, but also in Transylvania.


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